Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Needle and the Damage Done (The Needle Doctor)

We have a serious vinyl situation here at ITBK. We can't screw on a needle right, we can't balance the table & we even do not clean our records off...oh yeah, we are serious about this music thing, we just needed to get some therapy. After a week of little music and a lot of bad radio (except for Phil) we really needed a fix so we called The Needle Doctor to spend whatever we had to for our vinyl listening pleasure. Dr. Chris helped us through the re-balancing and all sorts of stuff that we couldn't even explain; needless (no pun intended) to say, his expert advice was free and now we have sound again. So please, people, don't get into our situation, DON'T get strung out--just call The Needle Doctor for all your audiophile needs.

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