Tuesday, January 17, 2006

SKIN Alison Raffaele

Listen lipstick can suck...it really can, you know gross colors, chapped lips, chunking UGH. And then the goddess of make-up shone down her rays of love and light upon my lips and I found Alison Raffaele. NO KIDDING! I mean I really should not just hawk the lipstick it's all awesome. Everything is super light weight, as natural as it can be whilst still working and the colors ROCK! I purchased her Reality base (#3), lipskins (smile) & Inner glow (witty) and if you want to know what all this means you might have to check here:
Give me some SKIN YO!
Just prepare for a new addiction ladies. xoxoxoox if the birds knew

1 comment:

VickeB said...

Thanks so much for the lipstick link - I need to try a new one.
When you are in Orlando Florida, and you want New York Pizza, you have to go to sleep.

Thanks again.