Sunday, February 12, 2006

City Bakery Hot Chocolate Festival & Birdbath

At long last it's that time of year, we can finally say hello to old man winter...and with that brings cold and not the that abnormal 60 degree January weather but the real deal, a bona fide blizzard--just in time to check out Hot Chocolate February at City Bakery. In honor of Abraham & Eric's birthday this 2/12 you can get yourself a ginger hot chocolate or you can wait until 2/14 and get the "love potion" and see what happens.

A no-name bakery opened up in the east village a few months ago and the cookies bore a suspicious resemblance to City Bakery's and all those cookie fanatics with culinary OCD had to figure out why---as it turns out, City Bakery IS behind it and it's called Birdbath. Birdbath was trying to fly under the radar so people would focus on the entirely environmentally built bakery instead of the environmentally built cookies!

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