Sunday, February 26, 2006

First Avenue Blur

Don't forget to come rock out with us tonight for Finian Mckean & Patrick Brennan @ Cakeshop tonight, Sunday, at 9:00 pm (152 Ludlow between Rivington & Stanton)

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danconnortown said...

i really like this photo. a lot. it's like, i know where it is, but i don't care where it is, becuase it's just nice to look at, and it might as well be anywhere at all, but it ISN'T anywhere at all. It's someplace very specific, and that place is someplace that i like, but furthermore, it doesn't appear to be miserable out there, it looks like a nice time no matter how you slice it, and if i'm jabbering that much over a photo that's defocused, then maybe you've got something.