Friday, February 17, 2006

Friedensreich Hundertwasser

"The straight line is the only uncreative one; it is an imitative line" Hundertwasser. When I was a little girl I would go over to my super cool Aunt Laura's house and freak out on all her stuff....she had 100's of records including the Velvet Underground with the real peel banana (how awesome for a kid) and this amazing book that folded out by some dude named Hundertwasser. He's probably best known for his architecture, but that doesn't really do justice to his art: he wove a rug in two days to win a bet, he gave a naked press conference with two hot chicks, he dreamed up & carried out a program to put 'tree tenants' in the upper floors of Viennese apartment buildings and another one to have residents of public housing provided with paint & tile so they could lean out of their windows and decorate every part of the building within arm's reach....And then there's the hundreds of incredible paintings and drawings like the one above. So please ITBK is begging you---check out Hundertwasser and forget about the straight line, at least for a moment.

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rossangeles said...

I have a wonderfull short documentary about Hundertwasser that is narrated by the man himself.
Highlights include the nude lady friends press conference
and a visit to his mother, who is a painter as well.
My favorite sequence concerns his renovation of an old Italian fishing boat that he ends up sailing around Greece in the nude.


I will try and transfer some excerpts to Quicktime and post.