Monday, February 20, 2006

The Wurst Gallery's Gocco show

For those of you, like us, who are new to Gocco it is an awesome Japanese home silkscreening kit. SADLY, the company that has made them for over the past 25 years decided in December '05 that the Japanese market had grown tired of Gocco and has ceased manufacturing them-- BUMMER. Of course they have lots of Gocco kits and accessories on Ebay but it's a bit hard to navigate what kits are what? Alas, the story has an uplifting end of sorts; Save Gocco was started by fans trying to keep the Gocco alive and well & The Wurst Gallery, out of Portland, is having a show of Gocco prints entitled weYGOCCO The chosen artists have made all sorts of super cool Gocco printed cards that are being sold between 5 & 20$---ITBK couldn't control themselves and just had to get bunches of them cuz they are so radical and affordable.

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