Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Listen: ITBK has been to Apple hell and back and we are living to tell the tale. PLEASE people, if you are going to make a purchase at Apple don't mess around go to DANNY RHOADES, the only straight shooter at the whole company (as far as we can tell). Yes, make your purchase through him cuz he is honest, smart and he cares--HE REALLY CARES....After logging 8 solid hours of apple care on the phone this week ITBK realized if we had just made our purchase with Danny in the first place that would have been 8 hours anywhere but on the phone in tech support purgatory. (Brief explanation: we bought a refurb imac G5 20" screen and it didn't work--AAARRRRGGGH!)

Danny Rhoades

Apple Store Representative

World Wide Sales Division

(800) 409-5381 Ext. 2510


Danny Rhoades said...

Wow Amy, you rock! Thanks for the Shout Out...

danconnortown said...

yea man, i heard of that guy danny rhoades. he's like the monster of sales and support at apple. I think i heard about him from like, Fiona Apple or somebody, at a party in LA one time. Apparently this bro can deliver the goods and minus the shenanigans.