Friday, March 24, 2006

100th blog entry!!! The Gun Club: Fire of Love

Well itbk is 100 blog entries old and to celebrate we wanted to thank all of you interested, interesting friends. SO THANKS PALS.
I wanted to share with you what might very well be my favorite record...The Gun Club: Fire of Love. This album means a lot to me, i mean for starts it's a perfect record from beginning to end...and i have been listening to it since it came out (25 yrs ago) and i am still listening. It has the best love song ever "she's like heroin to me" i mean who has the balls to write a song like that and mean it besides Jeffrey Lee Pierce? Most of you probably already have it, Right? So if for any reason you don't have it GET IT, get it in honor of our 100th anniversary, get it cuz it's one of the greatest albums ever made.

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