Tuesday, March 14, 2006

BURN Candles

Look you gotta do it sometimes....spend the $$$ for quality...cuz quality costs. BURN candles will improve your world. ITBK has heard that Robin Leach makes personal appearances once you set those wicks on fire. Lemme school you on the stats of these fine & exotic candles: they burn for more than 100 hours with 3 yes count them 3 self-trimming wicks, over 20 incredible scents including Shiso tea leaf, Sugar pine balsam, Kafir lime basil & Hinoki temple incense just to name a few! Over here we gravitate towards the Linden blossom, Blood orange neroli & the Bittersweet mandarin rind. So crack open some killer wine & torch a Burn candle it'll make you feel good.

1 comment:

danconnortown said...

i thought they were going to be EXPENSIVE. $55? hell, i spend more than that on cigarettes every day, and you know what? Them fuggin' candles smell a lot better than my stinky ol' butts in the bowl. I'm in.