Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Frankies 457

When you walk into Frankies 457 in Carroll Gardens, you may be surprised.. Where's the New York attitude? Where's the snooty maitre d'? Where's the waitress doling out good cheer as a quid pro quo for a fat tip? None of that applies here in this homey but elegant spot, with tin ceilings, Gram Parsons on the stereo, and staff that is welcoming and laid-back. You'll be on a first name basis by the time the soup comes. And speaking of soup, sample the Butternut Squash with its delectable garnish of baked apple and sunflower seeds. Then choose from a $2 list of crostini--we had the cannellini one--and don't forget the $10 carafe of excellent red table wine to wash it all down. We had a gnocchi aficionado in our party; Frankies' gnocchi with marinara and fresh ricotta did not disappoint: simple, flavorful, not too heavy. We also had a toddler in our party; the chocolate tart with rich whipped cream makes an excellent bribe...and by the way, props to the whole Frankies gang for being the most baby-friendly establishment around. ITBK is more or less vegetarian, so apologies to you meat-eaters; we've heard that the meat dishes are famously delicious. Finally, get a double espresso or a macchiato to go along with lightly fried, powdered sugar crunchy things. PS If you are lucky Merlin the French Bulldog might greet you at the door.
Frankies 457 can be found at 457 Court Street, Brooklyn NY 11231 718.403.0033

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danconnortown said...

yea. i can vouch for the meats all up in that joint. And i can also back you up on them solid drinks they make inside of the pint glasses too. You can get your brunch on sideways up in that hizouse in the spring times.