Monday, March 13, 2006

Guy Bourdin

ITBK went to a Guy Bourdin party this weekend. Guy Bourdin? who the hell is that Guy? Well he is just one of the most influential and underrated photographers to inject himself into the world of fashion. Guy Bourdin died in 1991 but his vision is still a force to be reckoned with. He saw beauty in darkness and wasn't afraid of visualizing horrifying situations in a glamourous & sexual way. A dead woman with blood pouring out of her mouth graces the cover of the first published book, Exhibit A. He fetishized shoes in the late 60's all the way through until the early 80's for the famous french shoe designer Charles Jourdan. He made women sexy and forbidding in a way that had never been seen before---except for maybe in a Balthus painting ---you get my drift? We could go on forever but you should check out Bourdin's photos: they are as gratifying as they are disturbing...hey did we forget to mention the misogyny? Somehow the art makes up for it.

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danconnortown said...

i mean sure. those balthus paintings were very edgy for their time.