Monday, March 06, 2006

i/o brush movie

ITBK friend AJS sent this i/o brush movie
to us. The inventors of this incredible "brush" wanted to make a digital paint program that would allow kids to be able to choose their own palette....basically the brush can sample anything I mean ANYTHING and transfer it to a touch screen---still or moving. And honestly it's almost impossible to explain until you see the movie. Oh for all you worker bees out there turn the sound DOWN.
Props to DV blog for the info and for such a cool blog y'all should check them out.

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danconnortown said...

you're kidding right? NOBODY had a comment about this? Who's your demographic man? you gotta get your stats figured out. You must be reaching the wrong people. Hell you're all over me in here, but you know, i can't be the only one who smokes a little ITBK.