Friday, March 10, 2006

The No-Show

When you're home alone on a Friday night, washing dishes or getting ready to go out, you might have turned on the AM radio band and heard the sweet strains of Jimmy Yancey's piano coming across the airwaves. Then a rare Stones track, a number by the Band, maybe a slice of classic Greenwich Village folk from Dave van Ronk...When DJ Steve Post's deadpan voice cuts in between songs, you'll really feel like you've taken a trip back in time: nobody does radio like this anymore. The No Show is cynical, world-weary, spontaneous, funny and most important, chock full of fantastic music and wit of the sort corporate programmers have all but banished from our publicly-held airwaves.
Airs Fridays at 7PM on AM 820 and Sundays at 6PM on 93.9 FM, WNYC. If you're not inthe Big Apple or you don't have a transistor radio anymore, just stream it! Where else can you hear Judas Priest and Sly & the Family Stone in the same ten minutes of radio?!@#$!

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