Monday, March 27, 2006

Roxy Music: Roxy Music

Roxy Music's self-titled first album. It's worth the purchase just for the amazing photography, c'mon! I mean, look at that face...whats going on there? I bet her shoes hurt. And o'migosh you gotta see the head shots on the inside--Phil Manzanara looking just as fabulous as Eno in his freak shades. OK, onto the music---yeah, yeah, yeah more Eno I know---anyways, it's really fun, the record that is, it's great; I love it, play it all the oughtta have faith in me by now, I mean i'm not hearing any complaining & by all means complain away if you think I done your ears & hips wrong. hear is the disc if you want it. (ha)


danconnortown said...

one time i was at the ITBK HQ, and i burned down one of them dTown Jay Hoints, and i was listening to that record, and son of a bitch if what you say isn't true. I felt like i was in a movie, like i was in a movie that had already been edited. like i was only a two dimensional figure encased in the celluloid. Sure, there was grass in my head, and if my memory serves correct, i was hand holding a little turd nugget from the chia. And if that weren't enough to stand behind the roxy, well... then you just tell me what is.

pb said...

also, an awesome soundtrack to stuffing envelopes after the wine kicks in...also, brian eno's haircut.

pinkylawless said...

i really like the album with Jerry Hall on the cover looking like the sexiest mermaid...(oops i almost typed Darrell Hall, cuz Daryl Hannah kinda looks like Jerry)
there's no Eno though, anyways can i come over and have a space out joint smokin episode? I'll lick envelopes.

pinkylawless said...

oh yah sorry i'm new to this blogging thing...the album i was talking about is called Siren from Roxy Music 1975 just in case you wanted to know.

leigh said...

oh mi god its even better with headphones you go into another
Amy Lou i just felt like i got stoned with you again but its six years later but just as powerfull