Wednesday, March 22, 2006

RZA as Bobby Digital in stereo

Ok people i wrote the whole post last night and man, if i totally spazzed saving it and the computer done me wrong and you know the rest of the story...needless to say i am trying to find my inner B.O.B.B.Y but it's tough at 7 a.m. especially when i can't find the vinyl anywhere over here at ITBK HQ. ITBK hearts RZA really we heart him and you know itbk hasn't let you down on sound and RZA could never let you down on sound cuz....cuz well he's RZA! so forgive me for my words and remember my lovin is digi.
oh and if you want the vinyl


patrick 'd-nice' brennan said...

Bobby Bobby Bobby, Digi Digi Digi
Stuck to your ass like a Victoria's Secret wedgie
Heart of Medina to the head of Fort Greene
Now-Y-C/Now I see Everything

thanks for the reminder that i have to purchase this incredible record. ITBK -- saving my life one post at a time. xoxoxox


Hear rap like Angela Bassett for Malcolm X
Ice cold golden texts, cassette of Inspectah Deck
Uncontrolled substance, earring inside her belly button
and one inside her Power-U she said she use for nuttin
SCREAM ON IT, Bobby the black Green Hornet
Girl DREAM ON IT, I put the Killa Bee sting on it
Rejuvenated, honey kept her throat lubricated
Let off so much ?, N-Sync couldn't recuperate it
Back scratchin, eyes squintin, Dusk to Dawn
Quentin Tarantino type porn, like Lewinsky-Bill Clinton
Suck it down with no commercial,
good Power Universal Self Savior Why