Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Side Street Projects

Side Street Projects is a community based, nonprofit whose goal is to help artists produce work and exhibit it. Every year they offer incredible art through there very own Phantom Ball; it seems to be an invite that gets you somewhere and nowhere all at once....honestly I can't quite figure it out but what I do know is that you will get a nice piece of art out of the deal and support a worthy group of folks, even if there's no ball to attend. They also host the GYST seminar: which helps artist of all ages figure out how to basically get their s%#t together. But the coolest part is that they have had some incredible pieces of art for sale/donation; for a measly $200 you can own this sweet Alison Saar. ITBK has personally seen the Alison Saar, Sam Durant, Martin Kersels & the Catherine Opie (which seems to be sold out). They all have their beauty and although the Martin Kersels is a little tough to look at every day it seems to have grown on me...well, maybe not?

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