Friday, March 17, 2006


Yes, but right reason dictates . . . Yes, but the wolf is at the door,
nor shall our finding be indexed.
Yes, but life is a circus, a passing show
wherein each may drop his reflection
and so contradict the purpose of a maelstrom:
the urge, the thrust.
And if what others do
finally seems good to you? Why,
the very civility that gilded it
is flaking. Passivity itself's a hurdle.

So, lost with the unclaimed lottery junk
uninventoried, you are an heir to anything.
Brightness of purpose counts: Centesimal
victorious flunkeys seeemed to grab its tail
yet it defied them with invention.
Stand up, and the rain
will be cold at first in your pockets.
Later, by chance, you'll discover supper
in the sparkling, empty tavern.
A nice, white bed awaits you;
your passport's in there too.

John Ashbery

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danconnortown said...

alright. i think i'm caught up. I've read myself up to date with ITBK, and i gotta say, you guys are MANIACS. you cover so much ground in so little time. it's like jamming culture into the heads of the masses but doing so in a very "flowers in the attic" sort of one day at a time kind of way. It's good, it's good it's good it's good. But how can i sort and organize this daunting array of information into an easy to sort and surf wave of knowledge?