Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tim Hawkinson

There is a thread running through the art world these days of cleverness & emotional exposure that somehow doesn't ring true to me; maybe it's because I am a female trying to relate to some very male art, i.e. Charlie Ray or someone like Tom Friedman, who is great, really I think his stuff is super innovative and amazing but alas none of them strike the chords of my heart and mind like Tim Hawkinson....I just believe what he is saying to me. There is no gimmick, no obvious cleverness; the cleverness is a side effect of the intention. I am moved by Tim Hawkinson, truly I catch my breath and i am thankful for the shake-down. Maybe you were lucky enough to see the retrospective at the LACMA or the Whitney (hopefully you were) because his pieces, mostly fragile, are privately owned except for a few so to have a retrospective at such a young age (early 40's) and at such prestigious museums is rare (but well deserved and overdue if you ask me!). I would like to also mention his wife Patty Wickman's beautiful paintings, which I stumbled upon completely by accident at the Hunsacker/Schlesinger Gallery in Bergamont Station. I was startled by a watercolor of a man watering his driveway; the gallery owner said, OH! that's Patty Wickman and it's a painting she made of her husband's father, "her husband being Tim Hawkinson!"
Tim Hawkinson video interviews

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