Monday, April 10, 2006

Duke Ellington INDIGOS

I know, I know: I am always saying every record is my favorite record....but really how can one narrow down music? There are so many beautiful records, so much sound to hear! NOW, this is a record that will never, ever disappoint (except when your boyfriend loses it for a year and you find it inside of a "scratch acid" sleeve; and then you're so grateful to have the record back you marry the guy, even though he lost it in the first place!). Nine rip your heart out numbers featuring highlights like Johnny Hodges' saxophone ("Prelude to a Kiss") and the incredible pairing of Ray Nance on violin and Ozzie Bailey's vocal on the tear-jerker "Autumn Leaves." Duke Ellington is the greatest...he was, to quote him (which was his highest praise for other musicians) " beyond category." Don't be a hater feel the love and get this record.

CD (get it used it's way cheaper)

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