Monday, April 10, 2006

The Hand Up Project

You know it's tough finding a place to live, especially here in NYC. I guess it never occured to me how tough it is for a hermit crab these days. Did you know that they are facing a severe housing shortage? I had no idea, I feel awful for the little guys. Between shell hunters and basic ecological damage they have become like little homeless beach people...taking refuge in bottle caps and discarded cans. Well Elizabeth Demaray has come to the rescue, designing alternative hermit crab housing fabricated out of plastic and it seems the little guys dig them, even ditching their old shells for a new hipster home. She is looking for corporate sponsorship i.e. just visualize a whole foods logo on the side of the little guys new pad?!
Via Inhabit an amazing blog that promotes design and how it can provide a more eco-sustainable life. (I super dug this blog)

Thanks to Nadia of that most beautiful clothing line BUTTER for hooking ITBK up, YO!

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