Wednesday, April 19, 2006

LaCie Brick

We all have way too much stuff on our computer hard drive...i mean music alone is such a space suck. Thankfully LaCie has finally designed a palatable and functional external hard drive. As you can see they stack like legos. We got the 250 gig one over here (i still owe my bro $140) and it's jam packed with loads of music. Our old hard drive is ugly and loud, you would barely know the new LaCie brick is running if it wasn't for the tiny light on the front. They come in all gig sizes & colors: white 160 or 400 gigs, red 250 or 500 gigs, blue 300 gigs. You will need to do a google search to get the best price for the one that suits your needs but everyone is carrying them. For specs

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