Monday, April 17, 2006

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds "Kicking against the pricks"

So ITBK decided to take a little "beaster" vacation...sorry for the lack of warning but I just didn't have any information in me to give. Thankfully I have fully recovered and am ready to tackle the upcoming week. Well I am going to start with some information that you may or may not already know. First thing is the title "kicking against the pricks"-- whilst attempting "The Brothers Karamazov" for the 3rd or 4th time I noticed that a chapter was entitled "Kicking against the pricks" and I was like AHA! that's where Nick Cave got that...but since then I have also learned that "kick against the pricks" comes from the bible. It's kind of a bummer of an etymology: when the farmer wanted the Oxen to get a move on he had a nasty tool called a prick (some kinda wooden thing with a sharp end) that he would stick into the poor sweet ox and if that ox was unhappy about it they would then "kick against the prick." Get it?...Now onto the sound. The record is all covers and Nick Cave roars and croons his way into every song like a wolf in sheeps sweet and soft and then just reaching up and shaking the songs by the neck until he owns them. I mean who would even dare to think that they could cover "Hey Joe" or "All Tomorrow's Parties" AND kick the s%*t out of them? It helps to have the Bad Seeds backing you up: Barry Adamson, Blixa & Mick Harvey; even Tracey Pew (he is one of my all time favorite bass players) and Rowland Howard supposedly make their appearances. I love "By the time I get to Phoenix" by Jimmy Webb...just love that song. I could go on and on, giving you more useful information but why don't you just get it and really dig it cuz it's like seeing something beautiful with your ears.

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