Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Small Dog Electronics

As our faithful readers know ITBK has had its share of Mac problems (broken "new" g5) and really that's not the half of our Mac woes (networks don't work, batteries are dead, cords break etc.). The other savior in this electronic tale of pain is Small Dog Electronics. This is the kind of company you want to support; they care about their employees, they support environmental causes (including the recycling of computers) and they clearly love animals. Whatever your issue may be or product that you might need, Small Dog can help. We had our excellent personal experience with Emily (see picture) but we have confidence in the entire Small Dog crew.
Small Dog Electronics 1-800-500-MACS


Anonymous said...

where's your god damned back links man? jesus. Lord have mercy, how am i supposed to use this blog like a reference tool without an archive/reference module?!!!

seriously though. it's cool
you guys are cool.

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