Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Voltaire "Candide, or Optimism"

First off, I can't help but buy anything that Chris Ware has touched....and I often wonder when he sleeps? So I was shopping for birthday gifts at our local bookstore--cuz our pal Claude just had a birthday--anyways I saw this and was like cool, I'll try my attention span out on some Voltaire. I really expected Voltaire to be drudgingly difficult and long kinda like Thomas Mann can be (not to diss Thomas Mann cuz the guy rules) but instead what I was reading was the most hilarious, sarcastic, bloodiest & blackest comedy that makes you whoop aloud (even on the train). I was surprised--it's just the funniest book and you get the bonus of Chris Ware comic strips on the front, back and flyleaf. I don't know much about the translator Theo Cuffe, except that when you read his prose you forget you're reading a translation....(that's a good thing.)

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Anonymous said...

i'm bound for the bookstore after work, lady -- this sounds and looks awesome. thanks!