Monday, April 03, 2006

Good morning all. Happy April and a happy Monday.
Over the weekend I found an amazing website called So, to quote Nadia, "turn youself into your own craftmaster" cuz Whipup has all sorts of interesting, fun and easy ideas to help you find your inner craftmare. Just check out "How'd they do that?" I mean that's only one of 100's of posts. How rad a post it is!

How’d They Do That?

We opened a photo in Photoshop and converted it into black and white. Then we bumped up the contrast and applied the half-tone line filter. Choosing a line color that is the same color as the thread you intend to use will make the stitching go faster. Using Timeless Treasures photo transfer fabric sheets that can be fed through an inkjet printer, we printed it out.

Then we made a quilt sandwich with a piece of low-loft cotton batting (we only use Quilters Dream) and a piece of backing. Then go back and forth stitching on a regular sewing machine over the lines in a straight stitch. Keep the feed dogs up and use the reverse stitch function, stitching until all of the lines are covered.

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