Wednesday, May 24, 2006

John Fahey: The Death of the Clayton Peacock

In case you might wanna try it yourself


Pat said...

At first this segment made me angry because the lame-duck interviewer isn't fit to lick JH's shoes, much less criticize his work, but at least his music was recognized by the mainstream media, which would never happen today.
(Wasn't this the year he beat up Antonioni for making fun of the USA? Hail John Fahey.)

Anonymous said...

I love this video clip! I think that lady interviewing him is hillarious! She has no clue! Seems like John is enjoying himself though... Thanks for posting it!! I also thought you might be interested in this John Fahey tribute album I came across. It features a bunch of Fahey's followers and contemporaries and a track by Fahey himself called "Why haven't I heard from you?" from his last ever acoustic recording session. It's available at and Borders (I think)