Thursday, May 18, 2006

Red Hook Fairway "like no other market"

Oh, all you poor, sad bodega shoppers & B61 haters who thought Red Hook was just too far hoo WOW do I feel bad for you now. Yes it's true! The long awaited, much anticipated, Fairway has opened for business in Red Hook. Why just yesterday I went and got some killer chips and salsa, lake champlain chocolate & some smoked sable. Oh and then we went back and got some fresh fish to cook up with capers and butter....just a measly 5 blocks from ITBK headquarters is probably the most beautiful supermarket in these United States...housed in a pre-civil war brick warehouse perched on the edge of Buttermilk Channel facing the lady liberty and our beautiful Red Hook sunsets. So next time you feel like...hmm, I dunno, getting some space, seeing some sky and stocking up on some killer fresh food come on down to Red might even wanna take a swim! Oh and if you want you can take the Water Taxi! I gotta jump and go get some organic almond butter. LATER, SUCKERS!@#!$!

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danconnortown said...

FAIRWAY changed my god damned life. I tell you what, when you've been eating Ghetto Pasta topped with Bad-Bodega brand Ragu for a few years, you just don't understand how malnourished one becomes. In one night. In ONE moment, in a single INSTANCE, REDHOOK was changed forever. It is now a real place to live. Not an outpost for hillbillies trying to stand their ground. This is a really live place. A man can get cheese. A man can get LOBSTA. I man can eat organic meats. And that (my friends at the bird house) is what life is all about. God Bless Progress. (now if we could just knock down every other old house on the water and start putting up luxury condos for 6 million each, i could dust off my ascott.