Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Spring & Clifton and I Heart Bag

I want's way cute, I gotta own it and make it all dirty cuz that's how I do things....that's how I ROLL. I will love this bag so much it might become part of me and then somehow I will have to wash it or something and man the outcome probably won't be pretty but IT'S SO CUTE I gotta have it and wear it OUT... I wanna love it till it falls apart. That's how me 'n this unbelievably sweet and sexy purse are gonna work it out.
The sweetheart of a bag was a special collaboration between Spring & Clifton and the store I Heart in NYC.
It's available for purchase at:
M.Z. 57 Clinton Street NYC 212.228.3634 (or you can call this # for a store in your area) & online at Style Dose

PS Spring & Clifton is amazing. I mean so are gonna want everything. It's all the clothes you want and they made them.

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