Thursday, May 18, 2006

Studio One Presents Jennifer Lara

Around 4 years ago I picked this record up at Coxsone Dodd's Music City, in Brooklyn. I had no idea that I was bringing home such a beautiful, melodic, soft-as-honey voice into our home. Turns out Ms. Lara was the house back-up vocalist at Studio One for decades, so you'll recognize her voice on hundreds of classic reggae cuts. This is her only solo work and it features some amazing tunes like "I am in Love," which was a hit here in the states for disco diva Evelyn King. I have to say this record is nearly impossible to find even on cd so I am hoping the link I found works. I guess if you really want the vinyl you could call Coxsone Dodd's?

Reggae CD: Studio One Presents Jennifer Lara
Hey!!! I think I found the vinyl at Jackpot Records: Studio One Presents Jennifer Lara

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