Thursday, June 29, 2006

Agelio Batle Graphite objects

It's funny how memory works...I really wanted to get something for my friend Rachel's's just that she has the absolute best taste ever and it's nearly impossible to get her anything because nothing is worthy of her grace, taste and beauty. It is so cool to find something that will BLOW her mind....hence, memory and remembering Agelio Batle's Graphite Objects. I have always wanted one...the problem being I could never decide which one was the most beautiful so I silently coveted them. Sometimes, in the privacy of my own skull I would think about how luxurious and inspirational it would be to hold one whilst drawing or writing...but it's still just me and my mechanical Hello Kitty pencil/pen. Well, today things changed cuz I figured out how on earth to get a hold of Agelio Batle and he sent me a lovely note with all the information us ITBK folks need to find him and his wares plus he let me know that he is also a fan of Chris Johanson, YAY! You can order them directly from Agelio or you can check out one of these spots: The Museum of Art and Design shop (formerly The Museum of Arts & Crafts), Pastec 459 Broome Street/212-219-3922 & The Noguchi Museum.
(The pictures really let you see how gorgeous they are but it's also the weight of the graphite hitting the paper in your hands; and don't worry, they won't rub off all over your house and they will obviously look super cool just hanging around on any surface.)
Agelio Batle
Batle Studio
224 Mississippi St.
San Francisco, CA 94107
415 864-3300

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