Friday, June 16, 2006

Cato Corner Farmstead Cheese

I figured it's Bloomsday 102 today, a very special day for all those Ulysses freaks out there but for me it's my girl's birthday...she is 2 years old today...AWESOME! She got a pink scooter, a table and chairs, loads of books and some assorted ephemera (plastic bugs and the like). Most kids LOVE cake and ice cream on their birthday (well Adeline is no different) but my kid, well she loves her birthday cheese, Cato Corner's "Bloomsday Cheese." Bloomsday cheese is made every year (for the last few years) on June 16th and man, it's good: earthy, creamy, mildly sweet (like grass) & just the perfect texture. The real truth is all of Cato Corner's cheese is out of this world...really it's true...I swear. I mean they LOVE their cows--no hormones, no anti-biotics and they can cruise around the land all they want. The flavor of all the cheese they so lovingly make is beyond description: it's mild, it's pungent, it's stinky, it's what things that taste perfect taste's cheese ambrosia! And besides the fact that they really have the whole cheese thing figured out they are the coolest & friendliest folk you might ever want to know and if you don't believe me you can see for yourself by going to the Greenmarket in Union Square on Wednesday or Saturday or at Grand Army Plaza on Saturday. Better go early cuz I am one of many Cato fans who clamber for their turn to get some of this delectable cheese.
Here is a list of Cato Corner vendors
They don't pasteurize the cheese (this means it's raw cheese)...well, if you want me to get into molecular structure blah di blah you can just ask but basically raw means the cheese isn't boiled to death (cuz when you pasteurize you literally kill all the enzymes). And you want those enzymes cuz the help you digest the cheese!


themoldydoily said...

Why did'nt you mention it sooner that it's my favorite girls birthday!! JEEZ- don't you want her to to get a pony in the mail?


I was tooooo busy eating this awesome CHEESE! kisses

jarred said...

Happy birthday..... I need your social.....XOXOX