Thursday, June 15, 2006

Graham & Brown Wallpaper

Well I originally saw the Frames by Wood & Taylor and remembered how much ITBKers loved the last 2 wallpaper posts, Flavor Paper & Wallpaper-by-numbers...Anywho---back to the picture on the bottom right of the loo: check out the wallpaper printed with blank frames that you can fill in however you please, i.e. photos, drawings, scribbles, notes etc. G & B have some other cool ones like the Pink Donkey--you pin the tail on the donkey or 20 donkeys, or 100 donkeys....whatever you feel like. The butterflies gather as a crazy mass at the bottom of the paper only to float up your wall and scatter. And what about those "brady bunch" flowers, I might not actually manifest them in my world but hey, then again, I might if that mod floral feeling overtook me one day?

Hey, I originally viewed the "frames" at oh joy! a very cool & beautiful blog.

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