Monday, June 12, 2006

I adore Inhabitat cuz it's one of those sites that is always turning their audience on to totally innovative & thoughtful designs. I mean remember when I blogged it (if you don't you better check it?!!??) Anyways they are taking a survey of their readers to find out if you, the reader, like what you see. So y'all should start checking them out cuz you might learn something about sustainable housing, furniture, lighting, jewelry and basically all around cool design and then you will earn the right to fill out the survey. Oh, and they dig Matt Gagnon...and he is radgnon!

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GC said...

i hardly ever see people who like murakami, but then again brooklyn and tokyo share a lot in common. i grew up in park slope and worked as a salaryman for many years.

im not sure what my point in commenting was since i was only 'next blog'-ing, but i suppose it had something to do with connecting with a fellow brooklynite, though now i live in the woods of berkshire county, MA.

your blog is not boring as so many are, so congrats.