Friday, June 16, 2006

James Joyce "Ulysses"

We're not going to lay some heavy lit-crit on you here...This is just a post for all of you who haven't read this hefty tome. Maybe you felt like you had to take a course on it to really "get" it, or you were scared off by the 600 page Annotated that you see people walking around with. So please hear these words of encouragement from someone who's picked it up, put it down for five years, thrown it across the room, never taken a course on it & in the end read it cover to cover and loved it: read it, let the words wash over you, don't worry about the plot or 'what you're missing'--just enjoy the amazing texture of this beautiful prose poem.

James Joyce portrait painted by Jacques Moitoret

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Really do you think for one second that I finished Ulysses?...FYI Finian McKean wrote this post...but now after reading it I feel the urge to go get our destroyed copy of Ulysses and start it again for the 20th time.