Monday, June 12, 2006

la Esquina AKA the Corner

Well I have to say I am suspicious of any taco stand in NYC---listen I have tried--I have let loose---eaten at all those "oh my gosh it's the best burrito" or "DOOOD you gotta try so and so's tacos cuz I swear they kiggass" and you know I always walk away bummed...REALLY BUMMED. Anyways me 'n Derin, we were starved and so-Sohoed it was damage central until we walked smack into la Esquina just waiting to feed our hunger . We had our doubts, as all LA people do, but we forged ahead through all the Sohoians, read the authentic & simple menu, took a chance and ordered. I ordered (for me 'n the family) a fresh squeezed watermelon juice (superb), a spinach and white bean taco....hell yeah!, and a fish taco that made us feel as if we were hanging out on the beach at la Fonda in Rosarito. For all you Carne lovers, Derin had the Cochinita Pibil torta...and I can't speak for someone else but you know the plate was clean and he seemed well spirited after it was all said and done. A torta will run you around $8 and a taco around $ it's not DIRT cheap but their munchies are so amazingly FRESH & delicious--if you can't tell, ITBK thinks that it is well worth the price.

106 Kenmare Street (Lafayette Square), NYC


rossangeles said...

Did the previous "bad" tacos cause you to "let loose"?

jr said...

thanks for the tip, I'm always looking for good tacos. Moved here from LA 3 months ago and I miss the simple pleasures of a good taco.

Also check out Pio Maya on 40 west 8th st. Best NYC tacos I've sampled and it's cheap too.