Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lewey's Eco Blend

It's summer in Brooklyn and that means the onslaught of the DREADED ASIAN TIGER MOSQUITO, my arch enemy, a host of Dengue fever and most likely the #1 reason why I want to move out of this humid breeding grounds in the first place. After June 1st I can't even walk outside without being attacked and eaten alive by the creepy little white striped monsters...after they get through feasting on me it seriously looks as if I have some kind of skin disease. As it would happen my good friend and neighbor Michal (Liam's mama) has discovered the remedy to all of my mosquito ills, Lewey's Eco-Blend. I gotta say so far so good when I am slathered with the all natural blend of floral oils those little monsters steer clear of me...and that is saying a lot cuz NOTHING has ever worked before...maybe not even deet (not that I use deet) SO I think it's well worth the purchase if you are prone to mosquito bites this just might be the answer to all your repellent dreams.
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Anne said...

We get eaten alive too when we visit Boston in the summer. Does this have a strong smell or is it greasy?


well it's kinda oily and it smells herbal in a nice floral kind of way but it seeps into your skin pretty fast and I wasn't to annoyed with it and i didn't get a bite the other night. xoxo

themoldydoily said...

DAmn I need this bad...Echo Park is now a humid bed of blood sucking insects as well and my body is covered in painful huge bites. Blame Global warming- no place is safe