Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lumen Lamps

I saw these Lumen Lamps & I basically flipped especially for one that is a craggly tree with 2 birds and a nest. I made 2 purchases instantly for some pals cuz it's soooo purdy. It was actually tough to decide which Lumen Lamp to purchase being that they are all so cool and honestly it would be nice to have them all and set the lamps around a room so you could create your own shadow forest. We are big into shadows over here. which leads me into my next blog entry I think it's time to talk about a book, one of my favorite books, that is about a relationship between a man and his check later for another swell blog post from ITBK.

PS once again another great idea SWIPED from Inhabitat...and you can get one of these beautiful lamps if you are one of the survey winners.

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