Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oktava Mics

I just stumbled up from my den of iniquity, a little bleary from 8 hours of tracking. We have this hammond organ on loan from Tanya & Troy and it sounds beautiful but I always had the toughest time getting the sound on tape--I could never get the bubbly roundness of the tone...So thank the lord for my matched stereo pair of genuine Russian Oktava MK012's! I just point one of them at the organ speaker & my troubles are over. Same thing with my drums--if you've ever tried to record drums, you know what a tricky thing it can be. Too glassy, too dark, too muffled, too thin, too whatever...But throw up this pair of Oktavas for stereo overheads & it all comes easy. Awesome on acoustic guitar, too; just point one at the 12th fret.
Talk to the nice people at Oktava USA; there are Chinese copies on the market but they've got the real deal. BONUS: these mics are incredibly cheap!
Thanks to Tony Goddess for the recommendation.

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