Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Television "Venus"

Ok I thought this was hilarious.

part one

and now watch this!

part two


GUS said...

Poor Tom Verlaine! He's desperate and alone just like the lady who runs the daycare at the gym.


I know it's so sad...he is sooo cute and smart...but HOW CUTE IS RICHARD LLOYD!!!!! all doped up and cranky. OH gus

sufferwords said...

Wowza, lots of hands rifling through hair, back when they had hair, maybe they need hair to make the genius land on earth...hey mama

sufferwords said...

Oh and i just figured out how to link you, saw the Gun Club documentary the other night, suckajewweeah, no music or clips, should have been called looking for Jeffrey Lee cause he wadn't in off..don't make a music doc if you can't afford the liscences...Kurt Voss=charaltan...the band played though, Kid, Ward Terry, rob zabreki they ripped, tons o love mama, fook your blog I should be writing not looking at all the amazing things...miss you