Thursday, June 15, 2006

TXTual healing

When you visit TXTual healing the first thing you read is the brief description: "An interactive text messaging enabled public performance" and that's basically what it is. I mean how cool is this dude?! You can text him a message and he projects the text, graffiti-style, on a building. Check out a few of the texts he has received and projected: Is anybody out there? , I wish I knew how to quit you, Psst....up here..., I feel like we're the only people on earth tonight..., and outside a garage it said "it's so cool your dad lets us practice in here".... I feel like all these emotional fissures are opening up everywhere around the world with technology and it's really radical that someone, Paul, has taken it to the streets or should I say, townhouse windows, so people who might never, ever appreciate graffiti or even think about what someone else is thinking will stop in their tracks and look up and have to respond. Here is the blog

(via) I am telling you you better check out Wooster Collective cuz it's always got the thing you wanna see.

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