Saturday, June 03, 2006

Vintage Lingerie

Well i went to this girl, Susie's website Style Bubble via The Moldy Doily (ITBK'S pal Kime Buzzelli) and I thought, wow Typepad is pretty cool the way you can rock things on a post, and Susie, AKA Style Bubble has excellent style and taste so she has inspired me to rock a little harder on the ebay postings. Some ebay rules: always ask about shipping, size and condition!!!
So here goes from left to right:
Sweet Baby-Doll slip from England, it looks to be rayon? I dig the lilac color and all the sweet flowers...looks comfy & foxy 18 hours left!!!!
I mean it looks huge but who cares it's a warholpucci freak-out floral slip 10 hours left
I seriously think you could wear this slip all day every could wake up all sleepy go out and get coffee, have some breakfast, hang with your pals get home late and then go back to sleep all without ever changing. 3 and 1/2 days left
AMAZING vintage pink chiffon baby-doll with the panties!!! 3 1/2 days left
I think this is really a halter dress and it has this amazing, super hot back so you should check the listing 2 days 14 hours left
Super cute summer dress or slip? 4 days 9 hours left

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arlitosway said...

I bid on the super cute summer fun turqouise one! I'm sooo excited! I feel totally mama-grody so I'll let you know if i get it and it sparks some cuteness. Thanks for the tip. ITBK YOU ARE THE SCHIZNIT.