Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mood Fabric

It's time for me to admit that I am the cheap fabric hoarder...I have been trying to discard of all of my really crappy "what was i thinking?" purchases--like the stretchy white paint-splattered fabric (rainbow splatters) or the little house on the praire "calico." It's just that sometimes I see that certain kinda yarn or fabric and I can't help it, I bring it home like a little lost Chihuahua. Anyway--I'm trying to clean out to make room for the quality stuff. If you really want to get some beautiful fabric (really beautiful and of course it's gonna cost you dearly although not as dearly as it should cost), you need to start shopping at Mood Fabric. It's kinda the not-so-secret industry fabric shop. They get all the old Marc Jacobs, Prada & you know the rest of those obscenely overpriced designers' fabrics. It's a good thing cuz about the only thing I ever like about Marc Jacobs are his prints...the man needs to work on his fit model...As for Miuccia I have to admit that I love her and she absolutely rules, even if she can't sew (no, I am serious, the owner of Prada & Miu Miu can't sew); she has everything figured out and her fabrics are Beeeeooooteeefoool, no matter if they are 1 or 10 seasons old. What I am trying to say is if you are going to spend the time to drape, cut and sew something it should at least be out of a really nice fabric. My pal Sarah (Chloe & Fifi's mama) made an amazing pillow out of some kind of mohair from Mood...I think it was $40 a yard but consider that it was probably something like $120 or more a yard originally. So next time you wanna tackle a new party dress or some fancy curtains head on over to Mood and bring a pocket full of cash or a wallet full of plastic.

225 W 37th Street 3rd floor
(between 7th and 8th Avenue)
New York, NY 10018
m - f 9-7
sat 10 - 4


themoldydoily said...

it's funny you should mention the old stretchy lace kinda fabric you used to drag home cause I still have the old roll from RAgfinder that you gave me (teal) and everytime I go down the hall it falls down- oh the Feng Sui of it all

clare said...

Hey! James production designed that miu miu ad!!!!! hahaha i think he picked that fabric on the bed!