Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Proposition

I was lucky to catch this movie before it disappeared from the theaters, but you can get it on DVD starting this week. Mostly what you heard about this western (or should I say 'eastern'?-- it's set in the Australian outback) was that the legendary Nick Cave wrote the screenplay. His story doesn't disappoint, but the real essence of any western is the wild & beautiful setting, the faces, the blood, the sweat, the clothes, the bullets. And of course the music (can you imagine Once Upon a Time in the West without Morricone's acid-cowboy score?)--Nick Cave comes through again with the perfect soundtrack: stark, waltzing-matilda type Australian cowboy music, the sort of sweet, simple songs that become incredibly creepy up against this gruesome story. Guy Pearce is an excellent laconic hero but Ray Winstone is the real emotional center of the movie as the tortured town sheriff. Finally (and most important?) there's the terrifying back story of the slaughter and devastation of the Aboriginal Australians--their spirits haunt the entire film.

**we will proviede a link when it's available**


danconnortown said...

i want to see that. anybody wanna go with me?


clare said...

it was sooooooooo damnnnnn goooooood. but didn't you keep thinking jack white in his bruised racanteur's make-up was gonna show up somewhere? ya know??

Anonymous said...

A little spaghetti western a little obscure punk, what
can go wrong. This director gives you everything of everybody in the cast . NIck Caves Beautiful score. Thanks for putting up a picture
of Guy Pearce. Also starring the stunningly always astonishing John Hurt.
Farimer from Lord of the rings and Emily Wattson squishy face, oh and filthy Irish brothers that hide in caves!!!!!!! love love love!!!!

tina said...

Wow- I never even heard of this film and I consider myself (at least in my past) Nick's biggest fan.... Can't wait to see it!