Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Psilocybe Cubensis

Well Amias Moore Gerety thought ITBK HQ would be interested in a very funny and obvious article in the Wall Street Journal. It seems some folks over at Johns Hopkins did a study on Psilocybin and its effects, one of the first medical studies done on hallucinogens in 40 years.
The breaking news (haha!): "Participants cited feelings of intense joy, 'distance from ordinary reality,' and feelings of peace and harmony after taking the drug."
Of course more people should get in touch with their psychedelic side, so hopefully this study will blaze the trail for some trials that tell us something we DON'T already know...I guess for academic reasons the Johns Hopkins crew used synthetic Psilocybin for the study; maybe next time they will use the actual mushroom as Nature intended it, not some lab synthesis (and therefore not a true experience) of the Psilocybe.

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