Friday, July 07, 2006

Stella Gibbons "Cold Comfort Farm"

It's tough to blog a book cuz you don't want to give anything up but you gotta have a hook, I mean, how else can I talk you into clicking on an Amazon button or for the truly adventurous readers, going to an actual library or bookstore? I could repeat my standard rads, awesomes, cools and the sort but Cold Comfort Farm is much more than that; for starters, it's HILARIOUS--I mean rip-roaring satirically funny and usually funny goes with smart so lemme throw a couple of super smarts in. It's kind of like a sarcastic, jokier Emma....if Emma took place in a 1940's fast-talking Hepburn, Tracy, Grant kinda way. Well and here is the hook...and it's a real good one: "I saw something nasty in the woodshed." Don't you want to read it just for that? C'MON one of the main characters' names is "Aunt Ada Doom" and that should be enough info to have hooked you but if you still wanna know, it's full of eccentrics, beauties, fire 'n brimstone, egomaniacs, a farm "slut", crazies & well, read it to see who else you might meet...I promise you will love it, look even Roz Chast loves it--she did the new cover!


beth said...

hi. you don't know me but i wander through here every once in awhile, and that book cover caught my eye because of roz chast. i've never read cold comfort farm but i guess it's about time i did. when i was in high school i had a friend who was always saying to me, "i saw something NASTY in the woodshed!" i knew what it was from (she loved the book) but i never read it, just watched some BBC adaptation. but since it has roz chast on the cover i just might have to get it.

danconnortown said...

I'll tell you what, that's one of my favorite books of all time, and you know what else? i liked the fucking movie too. God damn it. that's good times.