Monday, September 18, 2006

Back to School & Cho Dang Gol (Korean yum yum)

Ok I know it's been awhile but our 2 year old, Adeline, started school, preschool that is, (see picture above & yes she chose the outfit) and I just haven't been super bloggy lately. With all that said the weekend was fun...saw my baby daddy play a sweet show (picture above) on a double bill with an old Detroit pal Chris Moore who kindly filled me in on the Touch and Go 25th reunion rock-out in Chicago...oh how I WISH I HAD GONE!...all of my pals were there EVERYONE from my childhood but hey, what can I do--a trip to Chicago was not in the cards.


WOW all this writing has gotten me HUNGRY for something spicy YUM are you hungry? do you want to know where to go to get the best most yummiest home-made Korean food in New York?...(beside my friend Min's house) Cho Dang Gol, hungry people, this is the place! They make everything from scratch in the back of the eatery...all kinds of home-made Tofu, freaky Kim Chee dishes & BBQ. I went recently and got some kind of seafood tofu stew (Hae Mul Cham Doo Boo #S4)...I always love Bi Bim Bop (Bop = rice), the standard Korean meal of rice, vegetables, tofu & egg (they have all sorts of variations on the Bop so you need to choose your own very special one i.e. beef, chicken, octopus, mushrooms, squid or ?) Oh, and whatever you do, don't forget to get the leek pancakes (Boo Choo Pa Jun or #A7)--they RULE. Here are some excellent Cho Dang Gol guidelines...well that's if you need them, I did!
1. Don't freak on the prices: appetizers range from $13 - $20 and entrees from $9 to $20 or $38 (for 2 people)
2. So glad you didn't freak! now don't over-order cuz it's a lot of food you could easily share an appetizer and entree between 2 people and leave ecstatic.
3. Try the side dishes (Banchan) they bring all sorts of side dishes with every meal...Kim chee fare + lots of strange unidentifiable kinds of things that taste super good.
4. Make sure you wash it all down with barley tea and plum wine (Seol Joong Mae).

Cho Dang Gol 55 West 35th Street New York, NY 10001 212.695.8222


pdb said...

papa and addie both lookin super cool!!


themoldydoily said...

um- ...punky Brewster lives! You can't keep letting that cute kid rock those clothes without a close bodyguard. Seriously that level of cute is worth stealing