Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Brother NX-450

I think this week is "all the things I really want" week, OK?
SO here it is the new and improved NX-400 now renamed the NX-450...I have been telling myself for years that I don't really want a new sewing machine (specifically the NX-400)...that I would rather get a serger, a Wolf dress form or some kind of something else because "who has the time for such a luxury, a new sewing machine, BAH!" Oh, and the truth is I have a pretty nice basic sewing machine, a Bernette 715 (Bernina) but damn it's so friggin SIMPLE and it's SO SLOW I just put the pedal to the floor hoping maybe it might go faster kinda like my old 62' Nova (what a lemon that car was...this is really an unfair comparison but it's my blog.) Well this all leads to me thinking "hey I might actually want this new Brother" with it's swanky bright white light, loads of stitches (294 built in), 3 different embroidery fonts, self threading, Man, it can even sew through denim, what more can I say? and since it's "all the things I really want week" I hope even those of you who don't sew might think about learning cuz it's really frustrating but in the end an excellent thing to know how to do.

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