Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Finian McKean & the wild palms @ Union Hall

Listen, I have seen these dudes SOOOO MUCH and I still wanna rock, why? CUZ THEY ROCK PEOPLE....have you forgotton how radical music can be? Head over to Union Hall on Thursday to see Finian McKean & Patrick Brennan they promise to remind you with loads of new & old tunes, crazy guitar and head crashing drums. Hey and the craziest thing is they are playing with my old pal from Detroit, Chris Moore! And this is for all the punk rockers/Detroiters...remember Opie? Drummer for Negative Approach, leader of Crossed Wire & Powell Peralta sponsored AWESOME SKATER...remember "Endless Summer" & Bud's half pipe? Well check out his new world here: Moore n Sons

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