Monday, September 25, 2006

Gregory Blackstock

Here is a killer reason to go visit Seattle: So you can go see Gregory Blackstock's show at the Garde Rail Gallery. (I myself have a real bona-fide reason...the magical Gustavo Valentine deWitt and his beautiful parents, Pat & Leslie) Gregory Blackstock, as you can see, draws these overcrowded studies of just about anything that seems to interest him or needs to be organized by his wonderful hand. Keep in mind that these pieces are usually around 50" x 20" ish. I could tell you all sorts of stuff about Gregory Blackstock but I kinda think you should just dig his take on things and if you feel like reading about him you can follow my links or just buy the book!

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Rudy Huxtable said...

i hope that's still there next month when i go up into washingtonian wilderness.

p.s. theo (not carrick) told me he wants to use isight to chat wITHadd/ie. he actually just typed that last part accidentally.