Monday, September 25, 2006

Love your dog week

For those of you who don't know, this is Lucia. Lucia was found by Michael, Sophia, Amy, Lala, Early & Kobe six years ago on a beautiful, sunny October California afternoon. She was running the streets, weaving underneath each and every car on Griffith Park & Rowena in Los Feliz, causing a major traffic jam. We think she was around 6 months old but who knows? Up to this point we figure Lucia had been abused and had never seen the light outside of some stinky little cage except for that that fateful moment when someone left the cage door/front door open and she made a break for it...At around this exact time we were all heading towards our daily hike up into the mountains in Griffith Park when we noticed a traffic snarl and saw a little sand colored chihuahua running in and out of traffic. Well I jumped out of the car and started to chase a chihuahua (we were screaming "SMALL DOG SMALL DOG")...may I say that this chase seemed futile until a nice man helped me corner the terrified little thing in a doorway. What I found in my arms was what seemed at the time to be a "typical chihuahua": a quivering little thing that resembled a bat. She had a harness on that had dug into the skin around her neck and arms, causing scabbing and she she had no idea how to walk on a leash (her paws had never touched the outside), hang with other dogs or receive any kind of attention or love. This was a problem since we were in a Jetta with 2 adults, 3 dogs (pitbull, toyfox terrier & jack/toyfox) and one toddler about to go on a 2 hour walk.
Let me skip ahead now: bring dog home to protesting boyfriend and protesting pitbull (Lala),
Chihuahua is mental, won't let anyone touch her, is constantly biting at Lala's ankles & runs away....3 months pass....
Her name is now LUCIA--the boyfriend has been named Lucia's official center of the universe and Lala is now the defender of all small dogs. I, though still full of love for my little find, have been dissed...Lucia ("the emotional black hole" as I like to call her now) became a sane, totally kickass dog because she fell in love. Lucia & Finian embark on a 6 year love affair that sadly almost ended this week. Lucia was almost felled by a kidney infection...she spent 4 days on an IV at the vet, lost 2 lbs in 2 days and finally came home yesterday. This is not to say she is totally out of the woods but she is walking, talking & kinda eating. So I just wanted to say remember that your dog really is your best friend and even though they can drive you mental (like your best friend) you probably drive them mental too!


Anonymous said...

I hope your messenger of comedy recovers.
I lost a dog that was more of a son to me,
this weekend. His name was Bubby.
He was a shepherd that was twice as big
as his brothers and sisters.
He attacked his litter mates and was
slated for execution at only 5 months old.
That's when i showed up to adopt his sister.
But instead, the head case climbed into my lap.
He made me the center of his universe and I tried to be
a benevolent despot, while reaping the satisfactions
of his worship.
He got cancer at age 11 and started suffering.
I took him to the park on friday, and he forgot
about his pain for brief moments, long enough
to chase the ball, which was his art.
Then I took him to my vet, and she cried and I cried
as we ushered him off.
Now it's just me and Big Red, and the house feels empty.
But I wouldn't trade the experience in for anything,
and me and Big Red, an old mutt that's more of
a roommate than a pet, will think about old
friends as we walk the neighborhhod.


I loved Bubby...I am super bummed...Big Red is going to be so sad.

pat said...

wishing 'cia a speedy and full recovery. love to her and her best friends.


clare said...

hug hug hug to that super cutie.

Anonymous said...

cry X2....